1 or all 3 batteries?

When driving, do I always need to use all three batteries or can I drive around the city with just having one of them in AppScooter?


Hi Tommy_Key,

You can use just one or multiple battery modules at the same time, AppScooter has space for up to three battery modules. AppScooter will always use the energy from the battery with the most power first, once the batteries are at the same level, they will be used uniformly. Having more batteries will increase the range of your AppScooter. You are welcome to visit our website www.etergo.com and read more about AppScooter.

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Is it possible to first buy one module and buy an extra one after. Would the price be the same?


Since you can buy an AppScooter with only one battery included, I would be surprised if you couldn’t drive it…
There are a few things to think about, though:
Having more batteries (in parallel) means that less current is needed from each cell, which should produce less heat and increase the life of the batteries. On the other hand, having more batteries also means more weight, which also is a disadvantage.
I have an electric Scooter (a Chinese Vespa-look-alike kind of thing) and I can drive it with two batteries in parallel (I have to manually make sure they are equally charged, though), and even if the whole vehicle is heavier with two batteries (13 kg each in my case), the driving experience is so much better with two batteries. It’s so much more fun. It’s not faster or anything, I can’t really put my finger on it, it just feels so much better. I’m not saying this is necessary true for the AppScooter, since I’ve never even seen one in real life, just saying what I experience personally with another electric scooter.


Hi @_clemss

That will be possible yes! Additional battery modules will be available for purchase in the accessories section on our website. If you order the modules together with your AppScooter, delivery costs are not included. If you would order an additional module at a later stage, there will be a small delivery fee included.

Have a great day!

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Are the batteries in the compartment under the seat?
With 3 batteries how much is the load capacity reduced?

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Hi @Alessandro_F

It’s actually a very good question! Our engineers have designed Appscooter in a way that you can fit them under the storage space. So having 1, 2 or 3 batteries won’t affect the load capacity at all.

Hope it solved your question!

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