Batteries - charging

How long does it take to charge each battery with normal charger (the one that is included)?

Can I charge all 3 batteries at once?

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Hi @Tommy_Key, on the blog you can find the information about charging time:

Charge time with normal charger: 3.7 hr (80% full) / 5.5 hr (100% full)

You can also charge all three batteries, with plugging AppScooter directly to charging station.

Hope this helps!


Charging station, you mean Charging stations on the street that are used for EV’s?

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Id be interested to know if the scooters can be plugged into road side chargers like electric cars?


About charging. A charging cable is included but is it easily packed and transportable within the scooter? Has the AppScooter an outside power socket?

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Is an extra charging cable available?

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Hi @jeroen_breuer,

Just to double check, by extra you mean to charge more than one batteries with one charger?

Yes or to leave one at work.

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Regarding the extra charging cable: this is currently only possible only when the batteries are inside the AppScooter! We might develop an accessory to make this possible with batteries outside the Scooter such as leaving one at work etc. I will forward the feedback to the battery team! and to be continued :wink:

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