Can I increase number of my shares?

I have purchased my first set of shares (was testing to make sure everything works fine)
I have the Intention to purchase more over the coming months.
How do I add to my existing shares or do I keep buying new shares?

Only enquiring as this would mean I may lose some perks you offer as the shares will show separately instead of one certificate

Hope this makes sense



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Hi @nasir_uddin

Thanks a lot for question and great to hear that you decided to invest! :slight_smile:
We are currently creating user accounts where it’s going to be very easy to invest more if you’d like. Simply just a click away. However, before that is fully finished you will have to go through the same procedure as before at
The amount you provide now will be added to your previous investment, so you can access even more great perks. Just make sure to use the same email.

Have a great day!