Change the Engine

Hi, it is possible to change the engine. For example when I now purchase the 4 kW Model, will it be possible, when the 7kW Model is released to change the Engine from 4kW to 7kW (by Hardware).

Aand I´ve got another question what is the range with 3 batteries when I drive 50 km/h or much more (e.g. 80-90km/h)

I look forward to your Reply.


Hi @paul_hohn and thanks a lot for your questions!

  • At a time closer to the delivery date you will be contacted to confirm your delivery details, make the final payment and also to confirm your final configuration options. At that point in time you can confirm the final configuration of your AppScooter. This means that you can also change from 4KW to 7KW. However, once everything has been confirmed from your side there is no possibility to change, due to that it is 2 different motors.

  • Our engineers are currently optimising the acceleration and range of the 7KW Model and once we get the final results, we will make sure to share it to everyone to see :slight_smile:

I hope that answers your questions!.