Deliveries in Europe

Buongiorno when production will start and when first deliveryes will start?
Regarding omologation in Italy you will need some time.
Rgds Flavio Daroda

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Hi @flavio_daroda and welcome to the Etergo community! :slight_smile:

The Appscooter is currently planned to go into production in Q1 2020. Our first deliveries will be to our customers in the Netherlands but we will begin delivering to our other pre-order customers shortly after. We will be sending out invitations towards the end of this year for customers to finalise their choices of paint finish and accessories. At this point, we will also apply any discounts or country incentives before finalising the price.

I hope that answers your question!


Good morning and many thanks for your prompt reply.
I would also make a reservation for my electric motorbike in Italy. Haw do I act?
Rgds, flavio daroda

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Absolutely no problem, we are always happy to help out!
You are welcome to pre-order via our website :motor_scooter:
By placing your pre-order you can reserve your spot in the production line and see when the estimated delivery will take place. :slight_smile:

Where is the best place to receive updates on production? Will you be sending regular updates by email to investors? Thanks, Roger

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Hi @roger_brownlie,

Indeed! We do send out regular updates by email to our investors. If you by any chance do not receive any emails from us, please contact us at [email protected] and we will dig deeper and see what is causing this. We also have a blog where we do different types of interviews and production updates which might be worth checking out if interested.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

The Spanish market is on the rise. In recent months they have registered very favorable data for electric scooters. Etergo could have a good result here, it all depends on your network and after sales.
What plans do you have for Spain and for the rest of the markets in more detail?


Hi Javier,

That’s completely true. And that’s the reason the pre-orders of Appscooter are already available in Spain, as well as the Investment campaign.

You can pre-order yours here or invest at Etergo in the following link:

Have a nice day!


When can I pre-order the appscooter in Austria? Alternatively: Would it be possible to order one in Germany (Munich?), register it in Austria in advance and Transport it from Munich to Vienna on its own wheels?


Hi @Andreas_Binder !

We do currently not have specific details of when Austria will be open for pre-orders. More information will definitely follow in the near future.

We will homologate the product according to EU regulations, therefore you will be able to drive the product in Austria, however, to keep the warranty, you need to carry out our recommended checks following our technical specifications. It is not required to have these checks carried out by our service experts, but as they are the most qualified people to do the job, using genuine parts, we highly recommend that you do so. All the info about the service intervals and repairs will be available once we start delivering.

Just keep in mind that Etergo service vans will only be available in the regions we deliver to. And if the SIM card for some reason does not connect, that will, unfortunately, be out of our reach and on the customer (in a country we do not currently deliver to). However, as soon as we deliver to Austria, all this will be implemented. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to share your thoughts or opinion about this!

Thanks for your reply, Francis. As the 95km/h version seems to come later anyway, I will wait for the official start of delivery in Austria. Just one more question, as you mentioned the SIM card. Does this mean, I will only have a connection in markets where Etergo is selling appscooters? Example: if I drive my scooter from Austria to Czech Republic - Austria deliveries started, CZ not yet - what would it mean?

After pre-ordering and investing I am wondering when the product will be delivered and when the investor’s gimm’s will be delivered ? On the other hand, living in the beautiful South Limburg I can’t see the point of emitting CO2 to travel to Amsterdam to see the product

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Hi @detlev_landgraf and thanks a lot for your question!

We will be producing the AppScooter in different batches so delivery dates slightly differ depending on when you placed an order. What I suggest is that you send me an email to [email protected] and I will make sure to have a look at exactly when your AppScooter is expected to be delivered! Would that work for you? :slight_smile:

The same goes for the investor edition, all depending on your estimated delivery date/batch. The first AppScooters are currently planned to go into production in Q1 2020. Pre-orders will be invited to finalise their choices of paint finish and accessories at a time closer to the respective delivery date. At this point, we will also apply any discounts or country incentives before finalising the price. Here you will also be able to pick the investor edition if that option is enabled for you!

I hope that gives you some clarity and if you have any feedback/comments, please let us know. :slight_smile:

but Austria is not far away Country (not Australia) … we don’t have kangaroos but we have Red Bull :sweat_smile:
i live in Linz/Austria … Passau/Germany is only 100 Kilometer from Linz/Austria :wink:
PLZ add Austria soon

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