Does the AppScooter have ABS (anti-lock brake system)?

I haven’t found any info about it – to me this is one of the most important security features ever. My current Vespa has it and it saved me already 2 times (pedestrians crossing, wet roads, etc.)

Hope anyone knows about it.


That’s a good question indeed. For now, we don’t have plans to included an ABS system. But we will take into account for future upgrades. Thank you for your suggestion!

OK thank you – I hope it will make it in V2 :+1:

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If the scooter has 4 or 7 kW and is considered a motorcycle then ABS is required in Europe !!!

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For now, the first Appscooter model complies with the current European regulation. At the end of this year, the European Parliament will release a new study regarding the effectiveness of these systems on scooters <125cc. This may imply a new regulation, but of course, all manufacturers will have a period to adapt. Our team is of course on top of this, and we will be ready to implement any changes according to the European law. Safety is our number one priority!

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