Etergo shareholders from past investing campaigns (Seedrs, LeapFounder)

I’m already a Leapfunder/Seedrs investor, but want to invest more, how does it work?


Thats great Neja_s! Thank you for your support!

You can join us here! As a current investor, you can also join this round if you’re in one of the approved countries. The shares you bought through Seedrs/Leapfunder will remain with them, and your new share certificates will be registered with us. Although the legal structure is slightly different between the three, the economic rights of the shares are identical for Leapfunder, Seedrs and this round.


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Why I have no access to this topic?
I am a Seedrs investor.

Hi Elisabeth,

thank you for reaching out to us. Indeed you should have access to this topic and we are right now checking with our IT team to give you access to the “Already invested” discussions as well.

Can you please check again if you have access to it now?

Thank you,
Team Etergo

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Hi Neja,
Thanks for your intervention I have now access
to the "Already Invested " discussions.
Have a nice day,


Etergo - I’m also getting a ‘no access to topic’ on the investors edition… I’m also a seedrs investor. Not seeing a ‘already invested’ subtopic either. Could you fix pls?

I’ve been an Existing investor through the Seedrs round.
I believe I’m missing investor communication as I originally registered with an e-mail address from a former employer. Earlier correction attempts have not resulted in communication getting fixed. I only follow what is happening on Seedrs, which is a bit more limited.
I’m also curious if being a current investor makes you qualify for the perks levels described in the current investment round. In other words, are the current perks/benefits for investors applicable to the previous investor rounds and am I recognized by Etergo directly as an investor, or only by Seedrs?

Hi Neja,

can you please do the same for me - I’m also a Seedrs investor.


Hi Manuel,

thank you for informing us of this matter. The access was granted and you can join the discussion with the Etergo investors.

Team Etergo

Awesome, thank you very much for your quick response, much appreciated!