How I will be able in the future to get the money invested?

I would like to know in the future how I can get my money back from this investment? Thank you


I think you can get your money back when they do an IPO or you need to look for someone who will buy your shares from you personally

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Few options:

  • if Etergo goes public and gets traded, you can sell your shares then at hopefully a much higher value than what you paid for them
  • as long as they are not public, you could sell them at their ‘fair market value’ to others.

They have it well described in the rules of their prospectus.




Cool ,

so I would be able also to sell privately, I didn’t read too much information on the prospect.

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Thank you for your questions, they are very interesting, indeed.

Shares in a private company are a little different from public shares in that they do not have a market place in the same way as say, Apple or Tesla shares. These shares are a medium term investment to be held for a few years rather than months. To sell the shares, you need to find a buyer and agree on a share price. Once you have done this, you need to contact us and we will help you complete the process.

I hope this answers your question but you can contact us ( anytime if you have any further questions or feedback.

Have a nice day!

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