Safety Touchscreen Features


I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with the likes of Strava or Garmin Connect. They have good safety features such as live track, which sends an email to a loved one/relative/friend etc and it provides them with a link so they can track the person who may be on a long ride and provides peace of mind to said love ones. Also and this is the key one which is Incident Detection for instance if the bike is able to detect an impact or fall it can immediately send a text/email to a loved which will make them aware that the rider is in an incident and provide geo-location details should they fail to get through to said love one. Think this could be a decent feature to possibly look into.



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Hi Scott

This isn’t on our current list of accessories but I will ensure this is passed to our team for investigation. It would certainly be a useful feature on our faster bike but also to help with security.

Thanks again!

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Touching on the topic of "Safety Touchscreen features" we have something new that might be of interest! We thought it would be a great idea to let the Etergo community see behind the scenes at Etergo. How we are building the AppScooter, what challenges our different teams meet daily e.g. In the first blogpost of our “behind the scenes” series, we place the spotlight on our User Interface team lead, Bob van Iersel.

Give the article a read here and let us know what you think.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Hey, I was thinking about a function that I would love to use in everyday usage of the scooter :slight_smile:
A quick access button to share my position in live (google maps or whatzapp,facebook…) with my favorite contacts for exemple…

In my opinion, this would be a very nice feature while driving to let my contacts know when I’m arriving or where I am without need to write something…


Hi @Leo,

That’s a very good function that would make life easier for a lot of drivers I believe. (speaking from my perspective here :wink: ) I just had a chat with our user-interface engineer Bob, and unfortunately, this won’t be a feature at the initial release. However, the idea is a great one and we have noted it down for future consideration!

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Hi @Francis, as usual a big thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
It’s good to know that you’ve submitted the idea to the interface engineer, indeed I was suspecting that this feature would involve a bit of some technical problems,
I will keep an eye on software updates or new release of Etergo to see if one day it comes out !