Servicing in my city

I am from London. Where will be the official servicing point for me?


Hi @Tommy_Key,

Check the FAQ’s on their website. They will actually have service vans that will come to your address:

"As AppScooter is equipped with a lot of technology, it can not be serviced by every workshop on the corner of the street. Instead, using our Etergo Service Van, we’ll come to your house, work or whatever place is convenient for you, to perform service and maintenance at location.

In this way, you don’t have to worry about making appointments, getting to the workshop or the quality of the repairman - our Etergo Vans will make sure you’ll get back on the road without any hassle."



Hi @Tommy_Key!

Exactly as @Max_R correctly pointed out, we will have Etergo Service vans that will come to your address and pick the AppScooter up . All the service and maintenance will be done locally :slight_smile: As soon as we have more details regarding this matter, we will make sure to communicate it.

Have a great day!

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Will there be stores and / or repair locations in Belgium (or other countries) where we can go for any repairs or maintenance or purchase of accessories?