The touchscreen - works with both iOS and Android?


Will the Appscooter be compatible with iOS and Android?



Hey almu2584,

I had the chance to see AppScooter at EICMA last year! It was soooooo cool! Too bad we couldn’t test drive it though… But, I actually asked the same questions because I am owner of an iPhone myself. And no worries, AppScooter will be compatible with both Android and iOS. Yeaah!
Hope that helps.

Anyway, are you also looking forward to drive it?



Adding to this question:

Is there an accompaning app for the AppScooter ? Can you show us a preview ?

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Hi Jeroen,

That’s a very good question! Yes, they will be a Companion app to control your Appscooter. We will be able to show more details soon :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

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