Waiting to receive confirmation documents

I have invested in Etergo and money has been transferred from my bank account. When will I receive my share certificates?


Hi Neja_s, thank you for your question.

Once we receive your payment, we will review your application to comply with the law. These checks can take between 2 and 14 days depending on the number of checks we have to perform.

Due to the massive amount of investors that came in at the start (2.000+) , these checks took slightly longer in some cases - we’re sorry for this! Please be assured that we are processing these checks as soon as possible, and we’re taking care of your investment. All share certificates are sent through email, so please also check junk/spam boxes just in case. Considering the environment and to prevent our investment team from sending thousands of letters, you will not receive anything through post.

Hi Etergo Team, just for official information to other investors.
I`ve invested 2000+ EUR in May (!) and still no confirmation documents.
I´ve sent 9+ Mails to the official info(at)etergo(dot)com Mail-Adress but until today no progress in that topic.
i believe strongly into this startup but please optimise your internal processes and please give confirmation.

Thank you
Your Investor and customer


That’s true, I received my confirmation mail and I’ve uploaded my legal docs. but still waiting…

Hi Etergo Team, just today i received my confirmations for my personal investment.
Big Thank you for finally providing me with these important documents.

i referred to three people (my family members) who also invested a small amout
and im wondering how im getting informed about my “Referred Amount” and
“Perk Amount”

Etergo Team, would you please be so kind to provide me with these informations ?

your happy investor and customer

They are extremly unprofesional on this point, that is for sure. I’ve been waiting a month for a transfer that was confirmed to take up to 14 days. And get no answers on my e-mail. Drives me nuts. Good luck all!

Hi Santiago!

We are very sad to read your comment. We are working to reply to everyone, and we take it very seriously. We are sorry if that is not your case and we apologize for any inconvenience. We are receiving many investments, and we review each request individually, checking the information in our systems carefully to give an accurate answer. Our Customer Service team will check this message, and reply to you coming week.

Thank you for your trust in Etergo! We will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Hi Michael!

Glad to hear you received the information.

We are currently working on a Private area for our Investors, to be able to access to all this information every time. If you need it urgently, you can contact us (https://etergo.com/contact) and we will provide you with this data.

We will keep all of investors posted on coming improvements.

Have a nice day!

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Hi @vizca75!

Thank you for your message. Our Customer Service team has already seen your message and they are working on it. You will get an answer coming week.

Have a nice day!

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I’ve received my share certificates last 23th via mail! thx

Gracias @Almu :wink:

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Hi @Almu… So., it’s friday on the “next week” you refered to… Have I heard something from your customer service as you promised? … NO… Once again you fail in comunication… Still you have the time to send me pics and media from all the events you seem to be arranging daily… I recomend you to take care of your customers and investors in september and maybe skip a party or two perhaps I’ll regain trust to your company… Have a nice day/ Santiago

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Hi @santiago_cambon

I just spoke to our Customer Service and they are still working on your request because it is a bit unusual. As you may understand, all the money transfers / refunds have to be properly registered, and our system is, unfortunately, not ready yet for half refunds. They were researching this week how to do it manually, without having any risk. They will continue today with this matter, and else, they will contact you to proceed with a full refund.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Thank you @Almu for your help in this matter. A single e-mail with this kind of information a couple of weeks ago would have kept me in a better mood. Feel free to refund the whole amount if it makes your life easier. I can re-Invest the other half. Actually i have a couple of friends waiting to see if you resolve this to make some investments of their own. Anyhow, thank you for keeping me up to date.

Thanks for your understanding. I will shared your request with the team and will proceed on Monday. We will keep you posted!

Enjoy your weekend!

Hi Santiago,

The team is working still on your request. We are aiming to have a definitive answer today. Thank you for your patience.

:raising_hand_man:t4: Have a nice weekend…

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same here, Shares bought in May and i have never got any response!

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I just invested in Etergo and I was wondering if I can have a hard copy of my share certificates? From what I understood Etergo only gives it digitally?

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Hi @_fred, very sorry to hear that! Just to double check, have you received your shares certificates yet? If not, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will dig into it right away!

Hi @JohanAxelsson and thanks a lot for your question!
We are not issuing paper copies of our share certificates, we are only sending out electronic copies. If you need a paper copy for your records, you can simply print the email from us. :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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