What about the maintenance of the batteries?

Can you give some advice about the maintenance of the batteries?

Do you have to drive them quite empty or can you charge them dailly from for example 70% upwards?

How to maintain batteries if you have more than 1 concerning charging?

In summary how to avoid lazy batteries?


It is best to charge them daily or after each use.If not used for a few days or even a couple of weeks the batteries will hold the charge.So far my batteries are going on 4 years and are still fine.

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Thanks Rob, thats also the most easy way for avoiding empty batteries on the way :sweat_smile:.

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As far as I know, Lithium Ion batteries should be charged no more than about 80 % and discharged to no less than 40 % for a long life time. I think about the same is recommended for LiFePO4 batteries as well, but I’m not sure.

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To get the best life span you should try to keep the charge between 20 and 80%. Try to avoid full discharge if you don’t charge immediately afterwards. And don’t charge to 100% if you will leave it there for multiple days.
The battery degredation will be the biggest after 1 year.

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I am no expert on batteries, but If there is any particular range for charging a battery, which has the best impact on the lifespan, then it would make sense to me if you could choose to either charge within this range or go to 100% instead, thereby accepting a bit shorter lifespan. That is of course if this is a realistic option at all.