What will I get for investing in Etergo?

I want to invest in Etergo, but am not sure how I can benefit from the shares. Can you clarify it for me, please?

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Hi Neja_S, great that you are interested in investing in Etergo.

For your investment in Etergo you’ll get share certificates in Etergo, the company that holds all IP, employees, contracts, etc. (you can find the legal details in our Prospectus).

In addition, you’ll receive perks, such as exclusive access to our AppScooter Investor Edition, special events and benefits from certain amounts. The perks can be found on our Etergo Funding Portal.

Investing entails risks, please read our prospectus before doing so.

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If I invested money on an etergo will I get a discount on the scooter


Hi Krisoffer!

If you invest at Etergo, in addition to your Share certificates, you will receive perks starting from certain amounts. You can check these benefits at the bottom of the Invest page: https://etergo.com/invest

Have a nice day!

When does Etergo intend to go public so that shares can be traded?


Hi @simon_gundry

Our investors will be able to sell shares when we reach IPO or get acquired. We may potentially build an investor portal in the future where you can trade shares. Once we have more information to give on this matter we will make sure to communicate it! However, for now, to trade/sell the shares, you need to find a buyer and agree on a share price. Once you have done this, you need to contact us and we will help you complete the process.

I hope that gives some clarity and please feel free to share your opinion on this. :slight_smile:

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