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AppScooter - Drivetrain / Performances
How fast can AppScooter accelerate?
AppScooter can accelerate from 0-45km/h in 3.9 seconds under optimal conditions.
What are AppScooter's specs?
For a full overview of AppScooter’s specifications please view our specs page here: https://etergo.com/specs
About Etergo
Where is Etergo Head Quartered?
"We are situated at Kon. Wilhelminaplein 33
1062HJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands."
Has Etergo operated under previous/other names?
Yes we were formerly known as Bolt Mobility.
When was Etergo B.V. founded?
December 2014
How many employees does Etergo have?
We are constantly expanding our teams and are close to having 60 team members.
Where is AppScooter designed and produced?
AppScooter has been proudly designed and engineered in Amsterdam. We are currently preparing the setup of our production line based on a first class production facility. In this facility, parts coming from around Europe will be assembled to become AppScooter.
AppScooter - Configuration & Accessories
Can I customize my own AppScooter?
Yes! You can choose your AppScooter's color combination, number of battery modules and motor configurator. In the near future, more accessories (like a windscreen) will become available, which can be installed on your AppScooter as well.
Will I be able to order accessories with the AppScooter?
We are currently focused on the delivery of AppScooter. We are also planning for accessories that will fit your AppScooter perfectly down the line. These accessories may include windscreens, topcase systems, helmets, locks and other items to complement your AppScooter even more.
Can I Pre-Order any color I want?
For now, we have the 7 colors available which you can see in the configurator. We selected these colors by looking at the most popular out of thousands of designs made by our fans in the past. In the future, we might provide additional colors.
Can anyone service my AppScooter?
As AppScooter is equipped with a lot of technology, it can not be serviced by every workshop on the corner of the street. Instead, using our Etergo Service Van, we'll come to your house, work or whatever place is convenient for you, to perform service and maintenance at location.

In this way, you don't have to worry about making appointments, getting to the workshop or the quality of the repairman - our Etergo Vans will make sure you'll get back on the road without any hassle.
AppScooter - Cockpit
How big is the touchscreen?
The AppScooter Touchscreen is 7" (diagonal).
How do I control the touchscreen while driving?
While riding, touch functions are disabled. You can control the screen by using the controls on the handlebars. This is to keep you safe and focused on the road, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket, and hands on the handlebars. When standing still, the touchscreen becomes active and provides a wider range of functions.
Does AppScooter connect to internet?
Yes, AppScooter has an internet connection with the latest safety standards that allows the scooter to be updated remotely so we can improve AppScooter through software updates. The internet connection can be used for streaming your favorite songs and videos, getting turn-by-turn navigation, and many other features. Check our cockpit page for more info.​
Can I watch a video while driving?
No! Our interface is designed to adapt to the status of the scooter and the environment that it is in. Certain features will not be accessible while driving. This means that the moment you turn on the motor of your scooter, watching kitten videos on Youtube won't be possible.
Is it safe to drive with a touchscreen full of apps?
Yes. When riding, AppScooter's touch functions are disabled, and it will work as a traditional display. This is to keep you safe and focused while driving. However, you can control vital functions, such as music and navigation, by using the controls on the handlebars. In this way, you can leave your phone in your pocket, which ensures you'll be kept safe. When standing still, the touchscreen becomes active and provides a wider range of functions.
Is my smartphone compatible with AppScooter?
Yes! Though the AppScooter touchscreen is powered by Android using, Bluetooth you can connect to any Android or iOS based device.

We are also working on a separate phone app with which you can view and control your AppScooter’s functions. It will be made available for both Android and iOS.
Does the display have a touchscreen?
Yes, the display features a capacitive multi-touch screen that still functions in the rain and with gloves on. However, the interface will be restricted, meaning that there are certain features you cannot use while driving to ensure safety. While driving, you will be able to navigate these Apps with our specially designed keypads.
AppScooter - Storage space
How big is the storage space?
There is 50 litres storage under the seat, that's roughly 3 times bigger than similar (petrol and electric) competitors. In fact, it's large enough to carry a full beer crate, 2 grocery bags, a few shoe boxes or even a gym bag.
Do the battery modules take up the storage space?
No, the battery modules do not take up any of the 50L of storage space. The batteries are installed via the storage space but sit inside an otherwise unused space right inside the frame.
I see a beer crate fits in the storage space. Are you promoting drinking while driving?
Of course not! The beer crate is connected to our story, as Marijn, one of our co-founders, stood on a beer crate while pitching an electric scooter at an event years ago. Because of that pitch, he met the other Etergo co-founder Bart and the rest is history. In addition, the crate also just happens to show how large the Buddy Space is. To be clear, we always want riders to be safe and operate AppScooter responsibly.
AppScooter - Battery & Range
AppScooter Dimensions
How long does it take to charge my AppScooter?

Normal charger: max power: 250 W.

Charge time: 3.7 hr (80% full) / 5.5 hr (100% full)

Fast charger: max power = 600 W.

Charge time: 1.5 hr (80% full) / 2.3 hr (100% full)

How do I charge AppScooter?
AppScooter's batteries are lightweight and removable so you can charge them wherever you want using a standard wall socket. Using the convenient charge port you can also directly charge AppScooter, this will charge all installed batteries at once using a single charger.
Can I use 2 or 3 battery modules at the same time in AppScooter, or do I have to remove one when its low on battery?
You can use multiple modules at the same time; AppScooter will draw energy from the battery that has the most energy left, when they are at an equal level they will deplete uniformly. Also, the more batteries are in the vehicle, the better your AppScooter performs.
How much does the battery weigh?
Each battery module weighs 8.5kg, making it easy to carry with its convenient carry handle.
How far can AppScooter go with 1, 2 or 3 battery modules?
AppScooter's range is dependent upon the number of battery modules selected. Range in EV automotive products have a number of factors that determine range including: weather conditions, weight and speed. Based on simulations with an average speed of 20km/h, the range is an average of 80 km for 1 module, 160 km for 2 and 240 km for 3 battery modules. To find out more about the batteries, check out our specs page.

AppScooter's top range is up to 240km under optimal conditions. This may vary with number of passengers, battery packs, storage space contents, weather and terrain. We are currently working on a range calculator which will help you determine the range in your unique situation.
How will I know if my battery is low?
AppScooter's touchscreen has icons which will show the energy level of each battery, as well as show an estimated remaining range.
Price & Taxation / Cost
When is the final amount due?
The total amount due before delivery is €3,399 + any accessories, extra battery modules, and/or upgrades. The €290 paid when pre-ordering will be deducted from the total amount. You can see your final price when you configure your AppScooter in the configurator. This price includes VAT, license plate, registration fees and recycling contributions. Delivery costs are not included.
What accessories are available and what price are those? If I buy an AppScooter now, how can I extend it in the future with accessories?
There will be many accessories available for AppScooter in the near future. You can expect the most common accessories (lock, helmet, wind screen, etc) soon, at a similar price to what most European scooter manufacturers are offering. Most accessories can be easily installed after delivery.
Can I have an invoice for my business?
You will definitely get an invoice for the total amount you've paid for AppScooter. Our finance team is looking into whether we can already provide an invoice for the pre-order amount. We'll communicate this information as soon as possible.
How much do the different motors cost?
The standard motor (2kW) is included in the base price of AppScooter (with 1 battery module included). If you want to upgrade to a 4kW motor (speed up to 70 km/h and 2 battery modules included), it will add €898 to the base price. If you want to have the 7kW motor (speed up to 95 km/h and 3 battery modules included), it will add €1907 to the base price.
How much does one battery cost? And is delivery included?
The price of one battery module is €699. If you order the modules together with your AppScooter, delivery costs are not included.

If you order an additional battery module at a later time, there will be a small delivery fee.
Pre-ordering AppScooter
How can I pre-order AppScooter?

You can just configure your AppScooter above, complete the down-payment, and you’re done! Having troubles choosing the right configuration? No problem - it can be changed until a few weeks before the actual delivery :-).

What are the accepted methods of payment?

You can make payment via the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Direct Debit
  • iDEAL
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • BanContact Mister Cash
How much does it cost to pre-order an AppScooter?

A down-payment of €290 is required to pre-order AppScooter.

Is my pre-order binding or can I cancel it?

Placing a pre-order will not legally bind you to place an order to buy AppScooter, and you can cancel your pre-order anytime before it has been converted into an order. If you cancel your pre-order within 14 days, the down payment will be refunded. If you cancel your pre-order after 14 days, the down payment will not be refunded.

Will I get AppScooter sooner if I pre-order one?

Yes. Because we have a limited number of AppScooters available in 2020, we’ll first deliver AppScooter to those who have placed a pre-order.

Deliveries in a region will be based on first come first serve - so make sure you order AppScooter before the delivery batch in your region is sold out!

Is it possible to do a test drive?
For now, test drives will only be available to those who have pre-ordered an AppScooter.

Given our limited capacity, the first test drive events will be exclusively for our first pre-order customers and investors, to be held in a yet to be announced location in the Netherlands, or nearby Amsterdam. Test drive opportunities for non-customers and in other countries will be announced as they become available.

Can't wait to test AppScooter? Make sure you've to pre-order soon!
Availability & Delivery
AppScooter Dimensions
When will AppScooter arrive in my city?

We'll start AppScooter deliveries in 2020. However, for specific delivery estimates in your region, please select your city in the configurator. Note: We have a limited amount of AppScooters available per country. The sooner you pre-order, the faster you'll get your AppScooter.

Currently, AppScooter is available for pre-order in: France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as London

If you've already made a pre-order or invested in the past, you will have priority in your region.

Where will my AppScooter be delivered?

Currently, AppScooter is available for pre-order in: France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as London. AppScooter will be delivered to your home, or any address located in the region.

If you've already made a pre-order or invested in the past, you will have priority in your region.

We´ll start AppScooter deliveries in 2020” 

When will AppScooter arrive in my city?
If AppScooter is currently not available in your area, you can register on the waitlist. The more people on the waitlist, the sooner we will open your location for pre-order.
Software & Security
AppScooter Dimensions
How is AppScooter protected against hacking?
The critical parts of the AppScooter system are protected by multiple security mechanisms. All sensitive information is encrypted and not accessible via normal internet.
How do I protect my scooter from being stolen?
AppScooter uses better than average security systems with modern cryptography so that only you can unlock your vehicle and start driving. You can use your unique key fob or pair your mobile phone. AppScooter has an alarm that will make a lot of noise when it detects somebody messing around with it, and will send a notification via internet to your mobile phone.
Registration, Warranty & Insurance
What are the licencing requirements?
Please check European driving licence requirements here.
What type of licence do I need?
Please refer to your local government or council regarding licencing in your area. If you are in the EU you can check your licence requirements here.
Can I sell AppScooter in my showroom/ scooter store in my city?

At this point in time we are not considering working with resellers and distributors, as all AppScooters are available for pre-order through our own site. If you are interested in participating you might like to consider investing in Etergo.

Event & Press Inquiry
Where can I find events that AppScooter/Etergo will be involved in?

We usually announce updates via our newsletter, which you can sign up for via our homepage. You can also connect with us on our social media pages.

If you have test drives in my city, how will I know about them so that I can participate?

We intend to hold test drives in the Netherlands for investors, press and those who have pre-ordered an AppScooter. These opportunities will also expand outside of Amsterdam in the near future. You can keep updated on any changes to this by signing up to our newsletter on our homepage.

Can I get alerts for AppScooter/Etergo events happening in my city?
Absolutely! If you have signed up for our newsletter we will keep you updated on everything going on with AppScooter and beyond. 
I am a journalist, where can I get your press kit?

To find out more about Etergo and AppScooter, visit our press center at: https://etergo.com/press-center.

You can request a press kit at: https://etergo.com/press-kit

Contact Us
How can I contact you?
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, you need any advice or you simply want to express your opinion!
By phone: +31 15202 3160 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30 CET.
You can always use our contact form at: https://etergo.com/contact
I would love to join the team, where can I apply?
As we are rapidly growing, we are often looking for driven and passionate new team members. We work in a flat ‘Dream Team' structure with cross-functional teams of exceptionally smart people that love building stuff. We see our team and work environment as the first priority in our adventure and aim to become one of the best places to work in the Netherlands. If you believe you are a good fit, you can find out about available roles, perks and benefits at: careers.etergo.com
How do I connect with Etergo on social media?
We would love to connect with you! You can find us on:
I have a suggestion, where can I share it with you?
​​​​​We love feedback and good suggestions! You can find our contact details on our contact page. Alternatively, you can reach us via social media.

Do you want to keep the conversation, raise some topics and contribute to Etergo’s community?
Join us at our forum.

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