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Our investment campaign is now closed.

 Campaign closed
May 2019 - Nov 2019

€3 968 874


4 480


€21 333 874

Total raised by 6 933 investors


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“They have built an awesome product and have shown they can build a world class team.”

Reynier de Pundert

Audi Motor Manufacturer



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MARKET: start in the netherlands,
expand globally

  • Old petrol scooters can be up to 2.700 times as polluting as a modern van
  • There are 1.000.000 scooters in the Netherlands alone
  • More than 77% of these were built before 2011, considered old by law
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in worldwide powered two-wheelers sales


2-wheelers sold annually worldwide


of EU petrol scooters will be banned *extrapolation from NL

  • The Netherlands has the highest number of scooter owners per 1000 people (in EU)
  • Amsterdam banned all petrol scooters built before 2011, starting in 2018
  • The Dutch government accepted a motion to phase out all 1M petrol scooters
  • This is in expectation of upcoming EU laws.
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Problems with scooters today

Petrol scooters

Extreme pollution

Existing petrol scooters are 
up to 2700 times as polluting 
as a modern van.

Existing electric scooters

Short range

Range anxiety is a big concern for eScooter adoption. Current ranges are 3 times too low for optimum sharing utility.

Bad engineering

Most electric scooters have low build quality, little visual appeal and are not out-of-box compatible for sharing.

Smartphone: biggest cause
of traffic fatalities

  • 70% of people use their smartphone while driving
  • Smartphone usage while driving can result in a 160 times higher chance of (near)-crashes
  • After declining for 4 decades, traffic fatalities rose by 8% in 2015 due to this
EU delivery zone

SOLUTION: appscooter©

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Modular Battery with up to 240 km
of range, farther than a petrol scooter

50L fits a full beer crate
with 3 times larger trunk

0-45 km/h in 3.9 secs.
in the market

1st in the World to
safely run Android Apps

prevent accidents
with handlebar controls

Keep your phone in your pocket and use handlebar controls to stream music, control calls and safe, throttled notifications.

Navigate with built-in GPS & your favorite navigation app or explore cities with social recommendation apps like TripAdvisor.

The first & only scooter that we know of, that is 100% shareable out-of-the-box with 4G, GPS and electronically controlled locks.



Speed dependent interface
Hands on handlebar controls
Phone in your pocket

Glanceable drive safe interface Notification Throttling


Speed dependent interface
Hands on handlebar controls
Phone in your pocket


Glanceable drive safe interface Notification Throttling

keep your hands on the handlebars
and your phone in your pocket. At all times.

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Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse established Etergo with a mission to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable energy and transportation by creating a safe, scalable and environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles.

With a shared experience in mechanical engineering and entrepreneurial endeavors, they began a partnership after meeting at a YES!Delft accelerator, "Find-your-Co-Founder" event.

They co-founded Bolt Mobility, now Etergo in 2015.

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Total team size: 70+ with people from:
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Est. based on available income data

1. Low volume - Premium price

step 0

1. Low volume - Premium price

A lower volume, premium priced product that is still affordable by a quarter of the world's population. It helps build our brand and establish ourselves as a high quality European automotive company.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you expect to start selling and delivering the first AppScooters?
Pre-orders for the AppScooter are already open. We expect to start offering the first customers to convert their pre-order into an order in december 2019. We expect that we will start with the delivery of the first AppScooters in Q1 2020. Please note that these dates are an estimate and can be subject to change. You can see delivery planning here.
How much did Etergo raise already and from whom?

We have built an active network of industry specialists (including 10+ large angels and a handful of VCs) with decades of experience ranging from Tier 1 automotive production and composite technologies to online marketing, legal and finance.
Our funding rounds:

  • 2019 - €XX million - YYYY investors - EU equity crowdfunding

  • Dec'18 - €10 million - German Automotive - Expert in automotive after sales & service

  • Mar'18 - €1.2 million - 3 existing investors - Convertible loan

  • 2017 - €5 million - 2400+ investors - Broke EU records by raising max allowed online funding. Had to stop & return 200k

  • 2015 - €1.1 million - 43 investors - Largest Dutch online funding round

  • 2014 - €30k - Angel investors - Pre-seed round at founding of company

Why did you build your own funding portal?

We have launched 3 very successful crowdfunding campaigns over the past 3 years. For the first 2 we used Leapfunder and for our last campaign we used Seedrs and on both we broke pretty much all previous records.

We're super glad to have been able to use these platforms, to get not only our first funding, but also to grow our network of dedicated fans, industry experts and help to  scale our startup. This wouldn't have been possible without them and we can recommend any startup in their early phase to do the same. 

However, we've also listened to all your feedback during these campaigns and tried making things easier and more transparent for all of you. We integrated all these learning in the first version of our portal.

What will I get for investing in Etergo?
For your investment in Etergo you'll get share certificates in Etergo (see prospectus for legal details). Etergo is the company that holds all IP, employees, contracts, etc. In addition, you'll receive perks, such as exclusive access to our AppScooter Investor Edition, special events and benefits from certain amounts. Perks are displayed on our Investors page.
What is the expected ROI / upside on these kind of investments?

The expected ROI* for this investment is hard to determine. The return is dependent on the growth of Etergo as a company in terms of market size acquired and also bound to the market size where we operate in. To have a bit of reference, it's important to get a sense of the scope of the market. There are almost 2x as many scooters sold every year as the number of cars. On top of that, more than 90% of all petrol scooters will (at some point in almost every country) have to be replaced in the coming years, which could create a large demand in an already growing and large global market.

The ROI depends on the timeline when you would be able to sell your shares or when we are able to hand out dividends (when we make a profit) as well.

Selling your share certificates is a bit different than on a regular stock market. Normally with any startup investment, you'd almost only get your return when a startup gets acquired or goes public, which usually takes many months to years. However, in contrast to the stock market where you usually make or lose a couple of % points, it's not uncommon for startups to make significant profits on an investment. However, you are also more likely to lose the entire amount because of the extra startup risk. So make sure you only invest what you feel comfortable with.

We will only be able to offer dividends if we become profitable and in the appropriate financial position to pay such dividends to our investors. Usually, startup investors make money through an exit though, dividend returns are more interesting for older companies. A startup's main focus should be growth and product-market fit, this will ensure the most ROI for all investors.

*Please note that you should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to future events and circumstances. Forward-looking statements should not be taken as a representation that such trends or activities will continue in the future. Etergo undertakes no duty to and will not necessarily update any of them in light of new information or future events, except to the extent required by applicable law. Etergo cautions investors that a number of important factors could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. These factors are described in the Prospectus.

Can I sell/trade my Share Certificates after I invest?
Shares in a private company are a little different from public shares in that they do not have a market place in the same way as say, Apple or Tesla shares. These shares are a medium term investment to be held for a few years rather than months. To sell the shares, you need to find a buyer. We may also buy the shares but we are not obligated to do so.
How do I calculate my earned perks from investors I referred?

On top of getting Perks from investing yourself, you can earn Perks by referring friends to invest. You get 50% additional Perks from friends who invested through your unique referral link. Below you can read how this works.


Important definitions:

Invested Amount is the amount you invest yourself.

Share Certificates = Invested Amount / Share Price at checkout.

Referred Amount is the total invested by your friends through your unique referral link.

Perk Amount = Invested Amount + (50% x Referred Amount)


Example A: The share price is €0,33. You invest €5.001,15 yourself. You refer 10 friends that invest a total of €40.009,20 through your unique referral link.

  • Your Share Certificates = €5.001,15 / €0,33 = 15.155 Share Certificates
  • Your Referred Amount = €40.009,20
  • Your Perk Amount = €5.001,15 + (50% x €40.009,20) = €25.005,75

This means you receive the Perk Rewards from the €25.000 investment level. Your 15.155 Share Certificates remain the same.


Example B: The share price is €0,40. You invest €1.000 yourself. One of your friends invests €2.000 and another friend invests €8.000. Both invest using your unique referral link.

  • Your Share Certificates = €1.000 / €0,40 = 2.500 Share Certificates 
  • Your Referred Amount = €2.000 + €8.000 = €10.000
  • Your Perk Amount = €1.000 + (50% x €10.000) = €6.000

This means you receive the Perk Rewards from the €6.000 investment level. Your 2.500 Share Certificates remain the same.


Important: Only investments done through using your unique referral link will count towards your Referred Amount.

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Before investing in the Depository Receipts, prospective investors should consider carefully the following risks and uncertainties in addition to the other information presented in the Prospectus. The Issuer believes that the following risk factors are specific to the industry in which Etergo operates, to Etergo or to Etergo's business, as well as to the Depository Receipts. If any of the following risks actually occurs, Etergo's business, results of operations or financial condition could be materially adversely affected. In that event, the value of the Depository Receipts could decline, and an investor might lose part or all of the investor's investment.

In addition, prospective investors should realise that in the event two or more risks and/or uncertainties materialise simultaneously or accumulate, Etergo's business, results of operations or financial condition could be even more adversely affected and the value of the Depository Receipts could further decline. Although the Issuer believes that the risks and uncertainties described below are Etergo's material risks and uncertainties, they are not the only ones Etergo faces. Additional risks and uncertainties not presently known to the Issuer or that the Issuer currently does not deem material may also have a material adverse effect on Etergo's business, results of operations or financial condition and could negatively affect the price of the Depository Receipts.

Prospective investors should read the detailed information set out in the Prospectus and should reach their own views before making an investment decision with respect to any Depository Receipts. Furthermore, before making an investment decision with respect to any Depository Receipts, prospective investors should consult their own stockbroker, bank manager, lawyer, auditor or other financial, legal and tax advisers and carefully review the risks associated with an investment in the Depository Receipts and consider such an investment decision in light of the prospective investor's personal circumstances.

Risks Relating to the Etergo's Industry, Business and Operations:

  • A downturn in the markets in which Etergo operates (as well as other markets around the world) could adversely affect Etergo's business.
  • Etergo is active in a market in development.
  • Technological limitations of electric vehicles.
  • Market size of vehicle class dependent on legislation.
  • Scooters banned from certain cities or parts of cities.
  • Etergo may be unsuccessful in efforts to expand the international reach of its product.
  • Product recalls and warranty obligations may result in direct costs, and loss of scooter sales could have material adverse effects on Etergo's business.
  • Financial results may vary significantly from period-to-period due to the seasonality of Etergo's business and fluctuations in operating costs.

Risks relating to the Etergo Depository Receipts and the Offering:

  • Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse are board members of the Issuer and Etergo.
  • Etergo may not be able to pay dividends in the future.
  • The transfer of the Depository Receipts is subject to restrictions. Investors may therefore not be able to sell or otherwise dispose of their Depositary Receipts and/or to sell their Depositary Receipts for the price paid for them.

The information presented in this document is an advertisement, not a prospectus. Investment in Etergo should only be made on the basis of the information contained in the prospectus available to download on